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I swear I have so many people on my “adorable characters” list, and Mihashi happens to be one of them~ (/°//◇///°//;)

WIP,first page on my 4x6 sketchbook
freshest-tittymilk sent: Hullo~ i really hope you don't take this weirdly but i just needed to tell you that i like your eyeshape and the slight puffiness of your under-eye is adorable... If i had that, i would look (even more) haggared! And your art? FAB! May good things cross your path today~~

First off, I used to watch you on my old fashion blog before I deleted it, how the heck am I not following you?! XD

And thanks so much! If there’s one thing I like about me, it’s my eyes, puffs and all (I swear it’s a combination of staying up late drawing and constantly rubbing my eyes orz). It’s been a rough day, but gonna doodle and sleep, because that’s all I ever want in life, hahaa~

Art(ist Alley) Haul— AWA editionI seriously wish I had more money for the event (since there were a million artists I didn’t even KNOW had a table!) But here’s what I did get—
Sketchbook/stickers on top - sol-niger, it was so nice meeting you for the first time, you’re so rad! I’m also really glad she came out with a sketchbook with her sketches in it because OMG her pencil work is on POINT!Lavender starry melty moon ring - savannahalexandraart / kawaiicorestore, I think I missed you at your table when I bought it, but your items are so cute! I especially need that gorgeous sweater clip aaaaaaa~~ Sailor Jupiter Sticker - vicious-violet. It has been a looooonnnngggg weekend but I hope everything was well for you! Thank you for the encouragement and advice and just all around being a really rad artist friend; I know you’re gonna kick ass in your upcoming art career~JJBA Sticker - beef-eye-round. I finally stopped being an awkward turtle and said hi to an artist I’ve been watching for awhile, hahaa~ Their art is spectacular, and though I have yet to read JJBA someone plz shoot me omg I can’t deny DAT POSING. Your artwork is freakin’ amazing, keep doing what you’re doing~Bulbasaur sticker - Rainbow Sparkle Studios / gaykittens. Originally I bought two Pikachu stickers for my brothers, but Caitlyn gave me one of my favourite Pokemon waaaa~~ I met them two years ago when I did AA table for AWA and they are the sweetest ever I just gain cavities, hahaa~ they also do a lot of yuri art, which I don’t see very much and seriously appreciate.Chibiusa sticker / OC bookmark - barachan. I saw this sticker in specific on her instagram and I instantly said I needed to swipe that at AWA. Unfortunately I’m a derp and didn’t realize where her table was until I talked about where her table is located with a friend on Saturday, hahaa~ I’m really glad it didn’t sell out by the time I got to it though, and next time I’ll need to buy the sketchbook.
AWA was full of ups and downs (mostly downs, but I’ll explain that after I collect my thoughts) but I will say one thing— artists amped up their GAME this year and I’m so happy for you all! (๑°꒵°๑)・*♡
When people ask me what the heck is even going on in this picture, I think of a girl who was brutally murdered. Her best friend attended her funeral, where the family tells her she can pick something that reminds her of her lost friend, a little piece to remember her by, if you will. However, I am 100% sure they didn’t mean a piece of her body. ._.
Thought I would post this before I leave for AWA tomorrow, my contribution to Paper Doll: A Lolita Fashion Artbook. Please! Be sure to either pre-order here, or check the book out in person at Rufflecon! 44 full colour pages of artwork done by some stellar artists (and if you follow another blog I run, lolitafashionart, you probably see how much I gush over these artists, hahaa~). It’ll be at table T13 on the 4th and 5th of October, and although I would love to be there, I won’t have enough money to make it hrrnngghhh I can barely afford AWA as it is. *chucks desk out the window*Thanks lindateatelier, for putting together an awesome-tastic book! (๑°꒵°๑)・*♡